Grape Translators

  The Grape translators are designed specifically for people who do not speak foreign languages. These devices will make it possible to easily have meaningful communication in more than 100 languages. The most surprising thing is that you just speak in Russian, while the Grape device immediately translates your speech into almost any foreign language. When others speak to you in a foreign language, this device will translate into your language, read aloud and show the conversation on the screen.

  If you do not speak foreign languages ​​and want to feel confident in any unfamiliar country, then you just need to have the Grape voice translator. With this device you will be able to have conversations in the airport, at the hotel, on excursions, in the store and any other place, even in the street. You will be able to read documents and instructions. The best is that it understands free speech, i.e. it is not limited to predefined sentences like phrase books. You will be able to express whatever you want and it will translate your speech into the foreign language.

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  Translators are very easy to use. They use latest speech recognition technologies.  You will be able to translate conversations, documents, e-mails and almost any information in a foreign language.

  Voice translation is the device’s main function and is very easy to use, even for people who are not so good in electronic devices. You just press the button and speak.

  There are several different models of Grape translators available so that you can choose the one that suits you.  The range of models includes regular and protected devices.

  Regular models look like classic smartphones and have a screen size ranging from 3,5 to 6 inches. Some people prefer very small models, while others go for devices with a larger screen. The most popular screen size is 5 inches - most people choose this particular model. This screen is equally suitable for translation of conversations, and also for learning, watching movies, video conversations and for other tasks.
  There are also protected models. These models are best for extreme conditions, and also for people who just want to be sure that the translator will withstand almost any usage conditions. These devices are protected according to the international protection standard - IP68. This means that the device body made of special plastic with rubber inserts is completely protected from shock and can be immersed in water. It can withstand contact with sand and dust, has a practically unbreakable screen and works even under water.

  All models use modern powerful processors, which allow to recognize live speech and translate it.

   All models are equipped with two cameras with high resolution - one main camera - located on the back cover and designed for photographing text, photos and video. The second camera (frontal) - is intended for Skype and video broadcasts. Each device has a built-in flash that can be used as a flashlight.

   All models have enough memory to install any of your additional programs. In addition, you can install a memory card to increase the overall device memory. 

  All translators can be connected to a computer to synchronize data. They support all modern standards for digital devices.

   Each model is equipped with a powerful battery, which allows to work long in the translator mode and in other modes.

  All models are also equipped with special GPS chips and are perfectly suitable for navigation anywhere in the world.

  The Grape translators allow full Internet connection and use both 3G,4G and WiFi networks. There are two SIM card slots.

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